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Red Dirt Productions

Our Mission

We celebrate the rich connections between people and place.  We illuminate our ties to the land and to each other.  We give voice to the unsung men and women who have worked the fields, tended the stoves, and struggled to leave their corner of the world better than they found it.

Our roots are in the red clay hills of the southern United States and our stories extend across the globe.

Southern Food Film: At the Common Table

Southern Food Church Supper

At the Common Table a feature-length film on the history of Southern food traces the path of Southern foods across the miles and centuries, from the shores of Africa and Europe to the New World. At the Common Table will explore the dramatic connections of culture, identity and history through the Southern table. In telling the story of the core cuisine of the American South, we will explore the history of people whose stories are not to be found on written pages but can be read through the foods on southern plates.