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Corn Harvest Granville, North Carolina,1939 by Marion Post Wolcott

In these photographs, Marion Post Wolcott captures not only the corn harvesting but the connections between communities in rural North Carolina.The six photos highlighted here illustrate an age-old and essential endeavor, crossing the boundaries of class and race. While caption cards provide the title and other information about each photograph, ultimately the photos tell the story. by Kensie Gaspard

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Key Ingredients

The true stars of the Southern table are our vegetables. While fried chicken and barbecue may get more press, vegetables feed the Southern soul. To a child of the South nothing tastes like the sweet potatoes, okra, greens, peas or beans from their native soil.

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Woodson's Mill

Last Saturday we journeyed down to Lowesville, Virginia to pay a visit to Woodson’s Mill. It has the distinction of being the one of the last remaining historic mills in commercial operation and upholds tradition with great aplomb. The mill has been home to a number of families since its erection in 1794. One its most notable owners, Dr. Julian B. Woodson, was once State Senator to Virginia.

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