Caroline Vaughan

Welcome to Common Table: A History of Southern Food

Common Table, a feature length documentary film by Red Dirt Productions and the James Agee Film Project, traces the rich and complicated history of the American South through the foods of the Southern table. Common Table will follow the path of Southern foods from the shores of Africa and Europe to the New World where plants and culinary know-how meet the ingenuity of the South’s first farmers and inhabitants, the Southeastern Indians.

From the beginning in the American South, those who depended on the land also relied on one another.

Taylor's Grocery - Taylor, MSCommon Table will look beyond the written records of diaries and ledgers and cookbooks to Southern fields and kitchens and plates for the stories of the everyday people who shaped the core cuisine and culture of the South. The stories of the foods we treasure will deepen our understanding of who we are as a people.

We welcome you to join us on these pages as we explore Southern food and Southern folks.